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I think the OP's point has a lot of validity. For me another fix would be the weekly PvP quest. My thinking is that it should more closely mirror the daily quest. Win 9 or play 18. I know of several people in my guild who have the weekly on their quest log for weeks who PvP a lot.

I guess the closest analogy I can come up with is that fresh 50s who start PvPing (even in the new recruit gear), are suddenly the voice of every encounter that is "farm status". I know that if I pug, I'm probably going to to get facerolled by better geared players that have normal warzones on farm status. However, I still enjoy it, I still get commendations (while I prioritize objectives, I still try to shoot for the 8 medal cap) and when I do get to War Hero I'll be that much more prepared by facing these same opponents.

The growth experience gained from fighting in warzones is not only gear but also knowledge.

That said, I would agree with a tweak to the grind for WH.
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