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Here is my issue with the geared players playing ranked. It is limited to a group of 8. I would put all my credits on the line to say that most full WH PvPers grinded their gear doing regulars either alone or with a select few friends. it is tough to find a full group of 8 outside of primtime (or sometimes during primetime) to queue up. Secondly, since there are limited groups that can scrape together 8 well geared players to be competitive, the queues are crazy long. Who wants to sit and wait when we can slowly have fun grinding out regular coms. I think the root of the problem is the fact that it is limited to a full premade 8 man team. My suggestion would be to not open it up to free solo queing (that would be a mess) but to allow 2 groups of 4 to be paired together. That would keep the integrity of the competition by forcing a 4 man team to queue and it would keep out the random solo recruit gear queuers. And just for reference I am a full WH sentinel with both Elite WH weapons at 76 valor.
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