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Currently I am picking and choosing between BH/Campaign gear to achieve the overall highest mean mitigation I can get on my Vanguard. To achieve this I often go for gear with She/Abs and She/Def etc, though I do however opt for Acc/Mitigation when I feel a particular stat is lacking.

Because of this approach however my accuracy as began to dip a bit. I am currently aiming to get Campaign Gloves and BH Boots/Helmet. The boot I believe have accuracy, but unfortunately the gear I'll be trading out for the Gloves and Helmet also have accuracy so while I'll gain a fair amount of mitigation, I will be losing some accuracy in the process.

Currently I sit at 97.67% and after this upgrade I'll have about 96.16% and then eventually when I get the Campaign mainhand I'll drop to 94.54%.

So I am starting to wonder how detrimental this is to my ability to build threat. So I am just wondering what is the ideal amount of accuracy to have?


just forget about your acuracy. focus on the highest meen mitigation you can get. this will make it easier on your healers to keep you up. accuracy is, in essence, a DPS stat. and thus doesnt help you tank any better. and i know people are gonna say. "WAHHH Agro WAHH" if you are at the same levelof gear as your DPS and have all mitigation augments EX. 18 Defence and 12 power. you will have more than enough threat generation to hold agro. if one particular DPS is giving you trouble. (like a Sentinal doing 1900 DPS on operation bosses (Ex. Catheana of Ebon hawk) then slap a guard on that *****.