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You know what I don't get? The general player community seemed to expect SWTOR to kill WOW right out of the gates. And that seems silly to me. Drawing on all the old arguments from when the first game launched: This is Bioware's first MMO, SWTOR had one of the smoothest MMO launches in the history of....... MMOs. And so far, Bioware has released more content in a year for this game than they have for any of their more critically acclaimed console titles.

And the vast majority of the player community abandoned SWTOR, for various reasons (good and bad), way back in March. And that created a whole slew of problems. The hundred or so extra servers that were quickly released to cope with expanding server populations were suddenly left just about empty, basically killing the economy for hundreds of thousands of players. And ignorant people on the forums cried and blamed Bioware for the problem.

Then when Bioware tried to correct the problem via server merges (fixing population issues and hopefully kickstarting the crafting economy again for everyone) most of the game community had a fit over name changes, as if, like, it really was the end of the world for the SWTOR community.

And this is all on top of releasing four major updates to date (bringing a heavy amount of content for ONE year), tweaking classes continuously (in some cases significantly), and promising more to come before the end of the year. You cannot seriously convince me that SWTOR's biggest problems haven't been caused by the players. If anything, I'd say SWTOR's biggest crisis times have been a direct result OF the players.
So very true.

This game could still kick WOW's butt if they get it right over next 6-12months.

F2P could breed a whole new life to the game and community as long as they introduce the right f2p model and its not a pay to win system.