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Do not be fooled by this redundant display of testosterone. LI HM even after the red warnings still present a level of challenge to those who are not overgeared for it and not quite familiar with it's mechanics.
That's the main issue with what you're saying.

I don't mean this in an elitist way, but if you're not familiar with the mechanics yet then your opinion isn't really as valid. I'll give you that HM LI is harder to learn what needs to be done, but once you've learnt that, the execution of the mechanics are simple.

It used to be that either the Tank had the responsibility of moving the Group out of Lightning Balls or the MDPS had the responsbility of using a personal timer to ensure he didn't drop a Lightning Ball on a Tank.

Now it's just the latter, and you don't even need to have a personal timer... you simply look at your feet and see if/when you have a marker and place it somewhere away from the group.