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i like the sniper but, their ability "Evade" SUCKS. Compared to any others its terrible 3 seconds of 100% Melee,Range dodge but i still get damaged full warriors ability makes him almost godly. At least give us more then just 3 seconds!
Are you complaining about Evade? Do you saw how OP sniper's are?
Let's see your defensives cooldowns:

1 - Shield Probe: 15 seconds absorbing damage, 45s CD.
2 - Evade: 3 seconds of 100% Melee and Ranged, 1 min CD.
3 - Debilitate: Stun the target for 4 secs, 45secs CD.
4 - Flash Bang: CC 5 targets for 8 SECONDS, breaks on damage, 1min CD.
5 - Entrench: Immune to ALL controlling efects, can't be cc'd, moved, knockbacked. You are untouchable, 1min CD.
6 - I consider Leg Shot an defensive abilitie.. Immobilize the target for 5 seconds, 15secs CD.
7 - Ballistic Shield: Reduce damage taken in 20% for 15 seconds, 3min CD.
8 - Cover Pulse: throw enemies to the moon and IMMOBILIZE THEM FOR 5 SECS, 30secs CD.
9 - If you are Marksmanship you have a talent which gives you a knockback from Ambush.

Really... You need learn how to play.