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Greetings All,

Please go through the following steps, testing the game performance after each. I will outline the steps in order of increasing difficulty/duration to complete....
I've tried all of this and it did not help.
However the fact that running the game in "Fullscreen(Windowed)" mode, instead of "Fullscreen" fixes the issue for me, led me to think it was related to a VSync problem (since VSync does not apply in Windowed), but toggling VSync ON or OFF while testing "Fullscreen" did not seem to help..

.. until I just found out that the in game VSync toggle is bugged. Toggling it ON or OFF is not taken into account when pressing [OK] or [Apply Changes], unless you happen to modify another setting at the same time, such as Graphics Quality Preset.

I noticed this issue when I used CTRL+SHIFT+F to display the FPS. It always remained capped at 60 fps showing VSync was still ON, even if I just toggled OFF in the settings.

After successfully turning VSync OFF, by changing another Graphics setting at the same time as explained just above, the FPS jumped immediately to about 110, and then the stutter was gone.

Now about the stutter, while VSync is ON, it only happens when I turn the camera around. If I just stay still and watch the environment and stuff moving in front me, there is no stutter.
However when turning the camera left or right, then stutters appears, but yet the FPS remains at a steady 60.
Somehow it's like the stutter is not caused by graphics performance, but is camera rotation related. It's like since update 1.4, while VSync is ON, the camera moves "by jumps" when rotating instead of moving smoothly creating a stuttering effect.