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I quit a few months back because I wasnít enjoying myself in PvP, quit simply because I only had full BM gear and didnít have the time to grind out WH gear to be truly competitive. Iíve now come back and am beginning to realise why I quit in the first place, the grind for WH gear is joke, and thatís when I already have full BM. I wanted to start working on my Scoundrel too, but having to grind out not only BM gear, but then WH gear on top of that just in order to be competitive is really putting a bad taste in my mouth. PvP is not fun when you are going up against WH premade over and over, itís as simple as that.

The biggest issue is that losing a Normal Warzone will actually net you more Ranked Warzone commendations than losing a Ranked Warzone... Which is ridiculous, itís no wonder all the premade WH groups are playing normal WZís... Not only do they get more Ranked Warzone commendations if they actually do lose, but the chances of them going up against a rookie pug and stomping them is greatly increased, giving them even more Ranked Warzone commendations for little effort. Since when is designing PVP to cater to this kind of behaviour good game design?

The fix is so simple I really am surprised itís not been done already. If you make losing a Ranked Warzone more lucrative and actually viable for gearing up to WH, it would fix PvP entirely. Recruit players would be left to fight other recruit players in Normal Warzones whilst trying to get their BM gear, and the rest of us in our BM gear and up would be left playing in Ranked Warzones trying to get full WH gear.

Then there is another bonus, what we will start seeing once everyone starts gearing up to the same level in Ranked Warzones, is games becoming more competitive and based on skill, which is what Ranked Warzones are all about in the first place! All the idiots who just want to steamroll the lesser geared players will still have their Normal Warzones and the rest of us will finally be able to start playing competitively and actually having some real fun.

Itís a win/win, and I think a little change like this could not only fix PvP, but save SWTOR in its entirety as the majority of people who have left, have done so because of PvP.

Isnít it about time to lessen the gear grind for WH gear and actually make gearing up through Ranked Warzones viable?