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I get so tired of people complaining every single update.

At least this publisher decides to update the game at all. I've been in MMORPG's where the company swears up and down for new content, and when it does finally come out, it's full of holes, highly exploitable glitches, and packed full of excuses as to why. (They once blamed China's different gaming culture. lolnope.)

Compared to all the stuff I've seen happen in the past, BioWare and EA have done a brilliant job here, considering how young this game is, and what they had to work with.

People who complain and throw tantrums every time there's an update, or EA doesn't release something they said would come out "LATER" (which means, later and not "in the next patch",) need to keep it to themselves, or just uninstall the game and leave. I'm glad there's a blacklisting funciton, because all the moaning and whining just drags down the mood in general and makes the game less fun to play.

I do personally believe it's more the fault of the players than the company.
6 years development? 200 mio$? EA and BWs experience? and the SW brand on it was a sure box sale

they deliver a small, uncomplete game, (good VOs though),,yes im disappointed, and so where lots of others