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Am I the only one who has min/maxed my full Campaign gear such that I run with 0% Alacrity? Legitimate question (for PvE only)?

My reasoning is simple: the faster you cast, the less effect your native force regeneration has and the more "downtime" you will have. The class was never designed to be a "burst" healer, especially after they nerfed conveyance and our 1.5 second big heal (when Alacrity was actually useful).

I have tried many combinations with varying amounts of Alacrity replacing Surge (yes we all know the DR curve for Surge) and found that faster casts of Salvation and Healing Trance do not have any significant impact on healing in Operations. And if you're using either of the other two spells (Deliverance, Benevolence) with any frequency at all, you're doing it wrong.

It could just be a play style preference versus an actual tangible difference, but seeing Healing Trance tic for 2200+ 3-4 times in a row has been reinforcing my feeling that 80%+ Surge with 0% Alacrity is the way to go.

I have not seen any recent discussions regarding healing specifically for Sages and the impact of carrying Alacrity.

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