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That's a little strong. We all are here for the same reason I assume...we want the game to succeed. Blaming US (the community) for the games shortcomings is just ignorant of reality. We all, even the ones who have quit, gave the game a shot.

Being critical of what we don't like is being honest, not hypocritical. WE know why people have left. Some of us have been here from before the start even. We know what people would like. We know what the complaints are. We play this game and are active with others who do and did. We hear the frustration in VoIP and guild chats. I don't post to be a jackhole, I post because I DO care. I care more about the people who have quit, or are planning to quit, than Bioware seems to.

Indeed shooting the messengaer might be an old tradition, but it never has and never will be a helpful one.

Fixing the issues is the helpful course of action.
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