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Greetings All,

Please go through the following steps, testing the game performance after each. I will outline the steps in order of increasing difficulty/duration to complete.
  • Set shadows to low or off.
  • Turn nameplate scaling off.
  • Delete DiskCacheArena which is by default found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Bioware\Star Wars - The Old Republic\swtor
  • Delete client_settings which is by default found in the settings folder at C:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\local\SWTOR\swtor\
    When you get in-game, set your graphics options to your preferences.
  • Perform a Clean boot.
  • Perform a clean install of latest non-beta video driver.

Please also see our Senior Community Coordinator Allison Berrymans' post on 1.4 performance issues.

Thank you for your continuing patience regarding this issue.
Thank you Cerimon! You helped me to get rid of the Stutter (in my case deleting the .ini file did it, deleting the cache file alone did not help)!
Now I'm running SWTOR in its _highest_ settings in the highest possible resolution! (Fullscreen btw)
I'm getting stable 110fps without vsync.
The only glitches I'm experiencing right now, are the fps drop after using the galaxy map and an occasional background flicker (tested on Tattooine).