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10.03.2012 , 03:20 AM | #10
First of all, I see a lot of people complaining about the RP kb being changed into a root.

But, you shouldn't have been playing arsenal pre 1.4, so nothing's changed. It's just still useless.

However, with PT getting a range nerf on both TD and IM, while Merc Pyro got NO nerfs (well, a slight snare reduction), but a 30m interrupt ability, and TD/ED separated CDs, that happens to make the few talent points in arsenal more useful, why is no one talking about the Pyro Merc?

And excuse me for saying this, but a Merc should not be a free kill in rateds. You must have a bad healers/tanks. It's better a Merc DPS in heavy armor (I know, not a big deal, but it is a deal.) is taking DMG, than your Sorc heal f.e. You get a guard, the healer(s) are able to heal you, while you take less DMG than they would, and the tank takes less damage as well, since you mitigate dmg better than the healers would in the first place. PT Pyros are just as 'free kills' in that regard, except they can't cleanse, nor keep the enemy that has more burst in melee, at bay, at all. They may have a bit more DPS potential at that position, but again, they won't beat a melee class in melee range.

Compared to the PT, mercs basically sacrifice taunts + grapple + short AoE stun + a bit more armor pen on railshot + some things I forget/don't bother with + an easily applied CGC proc 10m via FB for:

Increased range, both IM/TD
AoE kb that has half the CD of the PT stun, so you are much better off against carn maras, tanksins etc.
Cleanse + some situational self healing.
More DMG on ranged attacks (and proc chances)

Oh, I can't be bothered to list everything at the moment. I have to lvl my merc up to 50 and see what's what after I get into the class some more, was just wondering why everyone is ************ about nerfs to a spec that was horrible to begin with, and totaly overlooking the DPS possibilities of the spec that always was the only choice for PvP.