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Uhm, excuse me if i'm wrong, but aren't the legacy crit chances only applies to things that could have an augment slot?
I'm fairly certain the in game description is as follows;
"Increases the chance of an augmented result while crafting."
Doesn't that exclude things that you only craft one at a time? (like armorings and mods)
That's how our guild has always looked at it...
no, if the item cannot have an augment slot added, the crit will produce 2 of an item, for example critting on an armoring will provide with 2 armorings.

There was a dev statement clarifying this a couple months ago confirming that its also provides double stuff if it cannot have a slot added to it.

Also remember that its only a 1% increase, 3% if you buy all 3, so its not a big jump, you shouldnt expect to be critting a lot, i think the OP just had a spout of bad luck
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