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10.02.2012 , 10:56 PM | #6
I've done :

1) A Windows Update

2) Graphics drivers are NOT the most recent because the newest Nvidia drivers don't work well (as I have read on these forums) with SWTOR so they are 301.42 (which I have read are the most compatible with SWTOR) This thread talks about it : And so does this one :

3) I ran chkdsk. Everything was fine. I am computer savvy and know what I am doing. My PC is clean and kept organized well.

4) I had already done a Memtest recently so there was no need to do it again. My RAM is fine.

5) Instead of running repair function I completely uninstalled the game, deleted directories and files, then reinstalled the game fully with most recent patch. (this all took a long time)

So, after doing ALL that : Yesterday while playing the game it crashed 2 times. All the sudden the game just ends and I am on my desktop. Nothing has fixed the crashes. I haven't played today because I am sick of it crashing since the patch.

I play Guild Wars 2 and it has not crashed one single time.

Furthermore, other people in my Guild are getting game crashes and video lag (not server lag) since patch 1.4. Sometimes becoming unplayable. We are ALL noticing these changes since the 1.4 patch. Bioware did something and it is not working well with many people.