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As far as the bugginess of 1.4 goes, it hasn't gotten me down any. I've seen much worse from mmo's in my 8 yrs of playing the genre. I know that Patch Day = Problems. So I try not to let that bother me too much. /shrug
I've seen a lot of patches that were as bugged as 1.4 since I started playing MMOs waaay back with EQ1 in '99, but I've very seldom seen one that generated as much negative reaction from the playerbase as this one. I honestly don't think it is that bad really, it was mostly just hardware conflicts they didn't catch in QA, but it feels like it was something of a perfect storm to make a lot of players crazy about it. There was too long a delay since the last major content update combined with the common wisdom that it was rushed to compete with WOW's new expansion. that just left a lot of players turned off from the game right now and venting their bad feelings on the forums.

I dunno, I just kind of feel there is a bad vibe going around. Trying to attribute causes to it is probably futile.
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