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10.02.2012 , 10:15 PM | #1
This is more of a change that needs to be made rather than a fix, technically. But seeing as how it is a broken mechanic, I think applying the term "fix" fits right in. I'm tired of being on a superior team and not being able to cap a node because players take advantage of the fact that you cannot capture the node if someone stands in front of it. I have had it happen too many times, hell, sometimes it's your own team's fault.

I was just in a game of NC where a couple of sorc healers piled up in front of the southern node while my team was capping it and then they proceeded to shock everyone and then heal each other nonstop. Their teammates kept coming and piling up in front of the node and we had to just keep killing them all but it was useless as they would just return from their spawn and stand there again. They stand in front of the node getting healed, we kill them, they spawn, rinse and repeat. Thanks to this team exploiting this clearly broken mechanic we were unable to cap. Something needs to be changed, make the area to click wider than a person or two, I don't know Bioware but I'm sure you can think of something. Having one or two people stand in front of the console makes it completely impossible to cap as the players' hitboxes completely cover the console and there is no way to click around them.

A team that does not pay attention to their defense deserves to lose the node and this cheap exploit prevents that.