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I was 4 years old when I saw "A New Hope" in theaters. I don't know that I understood much of what was going on, but I loved R2-D2 and I really, really, really loved Princess Leia.

35 years later, I still get a bit of a chill when I watch that star destroyer crawl across the screen chasing after the Tantive IV. I credit Star Wars with my love of science fiction in general, and the timeless story involved in "A New Hope" with my quest to now become a screenwriter myself.

I had some of the comic books that came out between Episode IV and V, a particular magazine/newspaper that had a bunch of trivial articles and extra information about Rebel and Empire technology and so forth, and copies of just about every form of the movies except for the laserdiscs and Blu-Rays, including the VHS copies I still have of the original theatrical movies where Han shoots first.

I've got a huge collection of the original Kenner action figures, one of the 12" Darth Vader dolls, an X-Wing and TIE Fighter toy, the Droid Construction Playset, a promotional insert from one of the toys that listed the title of Episode VI as "Revenge of the Jedi", and even the Yoda action figure that I had to save up Kenner points for and obtain by mail. Along with my Ben Kenobi action figure, he and Yoda are a staple at pretty much every workstation in any job I've ever held.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my 1978 Star Wars video game for the TRS-80, which had TIE Fighters which looked like |-o-| and Darth Vader's boss fighter which looked like <-o-> as they trickled down the screen. An avid player of X-Wing Arcade at the 7-Eleven on the way home from elementary school, and of the mess that was Empire Strikes Back on Atari, through the awesomeness that was the original X-Wing which was so damned hard we'd play it with a co-pilot who drove the keyboard while you were doing the rest. Played Dark Forces and several others like JK and JK2 and up through Battlefront, although I entirely skipped SWG and the KOTORs as I'd pretty much left gaming for a while.

Before ultimately winding up back here with SWTOR, and loving every minute of it since launch in December.

No tattoos though. That's hardcore. Kudos!

Now if I could just manage to get introduced to Lindsey Liberatore, I think I could put my Star Wars obsession to rest forever...
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