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Okay, I'm out. I'll be back when attempts to keep this thread from devolving into a misery-fest filled with nothing but statement after statement of how everyone's annoyed we don't have information, with absolutely zero room for anything else or any other kind of discussion, aren't met without outright, blatant condescension.
Sorry to hear that, you always add an interesting perspective to the discussions.

To me it kind of feels like it isn't just this thread. Ever since the last patch hit with it's super buggy content everything feels kind of down about the game's community right now. Or maybe that is only part of it, since the server consolidation the vibe in game has gotten pretty bad too, it's like those two jerks every server had all met when the consolidation happened and are now busy forming whole new guilds of jerks. I dunno, all I can really say for sure is it feels like there is some kind of bad vibe going around that is tainting the community. So, I get where you are coming from.

To me the weird thing is that all the information we do have about SGR is fairly optimistic, so I'm not really sure why everyone is so down about this. Maybe it is just that we're attracting a higher number of trolls and 'phobes than usual, but it feels like more than that. I don't really know what the deal is, but it isn't just you Kioma, this place is starting to feel tainted by the un-fun variety of the dark side.
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