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Trying to have a relationship with SCORPIO would be like trying to have a relationship with HK-47 - that is, you'd have to live with the fact that eventually your lover would kill you, that your lover actually actively hates you. So no. SCORPIO does not make sense. (Trust me, I've a max level IA. :P)
That can be fun, as long as you keep a blaster handy. Seriously, I can see your point. Bad enough that I don't trust DS Jaesa 100% even w/ maxed affection. SCORPIO would be worse.

But on that topic... There was a "crazy droid lady" in the original KotOR series, though the droid she had a thing for was a protocol droid that she was using as a substitute for her dead husband, IIRC. It was presented as being quite creepy, and all the poor droid wanted to do was get away from her. I suspect there might be limitations of programming with might prevent droid/non-droid relations on the part of the droid.
This makes me more inclined to hope for an update to KotOR, changing only the fact it could work on Win 7/Win 8. I really like the idea of having an NPC like that in game. It not only would show many different types of relationships in ToR, but frankly sounds like a great quest for a PC to do. I'm trying to picture my JK attempting to keep a straight face as he meets a crazy old droid lady.

And I could see things being...awkward if intimacy came up between a droid and a humanoid. Still, it would be nice to see it in game if for no other reason than to show the differences and diversity of the Galaxy.