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10.02.2012 , 08:29 PM | #12
Sorceror/Sage -Wolvie, Eudolopia, Nhorn, Whisps, Labrnth(thinks that's right?) Veronika, Scourge(is that a Mosh alt?)
Operative/Scoundrel - Ganj, Heala(*cringe*), Mago, Pedigree, Steelclaw(*sigh*) Blackmunky. Celo, Nightlife and Groinshot are looking like good potential.
Assassin/Shadow - Flash'gordon, Jwalsh(*cringe*), Ewa. Ashakira and Shadiko?(shadow from mist walkers) = up and comers. Raymass(randomnly got better recently lol)
Marauder/Sentinel - Moshelle(*cringe* best all round sent/rauder) Lycaon(amazzzzzzzzzzzzing dps but never seen him do game changer moments.) Gamblor(non agressive, smart player) Robertson and Aetherius = up and comers
Pt/Vanguard - {Throes, Izo} - not just great at dmg but play the class very well instead of being like every other nuking pt/vanguard lol.scared to seem em fully geared. {Blackmunk,Vehemeance,Seis} - very well played tanks. Woofie, Carthy(when he has 3 healers focusing him >.< put him on the list because of the crazy high dmg. Ok player) Seis
Commando/Mercenary - Kriptic, Mirri(*sigh*) Chasity, Domitrovich(*sigh *) Charmabeast, Fabiana. Daffydil
Guardian/Juggernaut - Sion(*cringe) Aznpower(*cringe*) Mosh(*cringe*) Kramer(*cringe*) Mazor. Keiga(doing better of late)
Snipers/Gunslingers - Spychicken. Only Spychicken goes on this one because I Couldn't think of any that really stood out due to the fact all of them just sit still till they die except Spychicken, does a great job kiting/staying mobile which is very rare for slingers/snipers. There's plenty of high dmg players but can't think of any that every move when a melee is beating on them. After blow backs they just pray their dmg is more than yours lol.

List more when I can think of em.

Btw the *cringes* are for the ones who stand out more than others for me. The *sigh* are for the healers that take an army to bring down lol.

And it's nice seeing some of the people listed doing good on multiple classes and not just one. Let's you know if it's just a class issue making some ppl seem good or not