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That's why I hate the whole, "gays aren't in SW," or "if SGR happens, I'll unsub since the lore is ruined thing." There are those out there that treat this like anathema(omg, spelled that right without spell check!)

What saddens me the most is that non-humans are okay with humans, NPC can fall in love with images, but gay people "don't exist?" l actually saw someone on my server(which has few trolls all in all) tell a bunch of people in Tython that if you support gay rights/gay marriage/even SGR content in this game, you are condoning violating children.

I wanted to call this person many many bad names that would have probably resulted in a ban. Thankfully, a lot of people shut him down quick, myself included(without the aforementioned bad words.) It wasn't long before the troll was cornered by logic. He went from "gays are evil," to "this country was built on slavery!"

I made sure I left before the jackwagon could Godwin himself. I knew it was coming at that rate. Trolls can be quite predictable.

Oh and "gays are trying to push their agenda on us," type crap was coming out of their fingers as well. Naturally.
Funny how for the LGBT communities it's equality and for some narrow minded people it's an "agenda."

*Edit: Plus, I think that very same troll ended up here a couple of days ago and got his posts yanked. Same statements, same cadence in speech too.