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The two biggest issues I have right now is resolve not being added for overlapping CCs, and being short handed for games. The first is self explanatory, the second is frustrating because not having one player is huge when the games are 8v8. At the very least, they need to have a player counter visible for everyone, so that the team with players knows they are playing with an advantage.

Focus/Rage is the next big issue. The spec was fine and didn't need any buffs. Considering how Sent/Mara has been a top class every patch, buffing them (even if it is to one spec) is going to cause more ill will toward PvP balancing.

Vanguard/Powertech damage is also somewhat concerning now. I was a fan of the changes to make them less effective at range, but more effective at 10 meters. However, the damage and burst they do now seems a bit much. Many Vanguards/PTs are now hitting 1k DPS much more often.

Overall, I think many of the changes in this patch were a step in the right direction. In particular, the Sage, Shadow, Commando, and Scoundrel buffs all helped classes/specs that could use a boost. All in all, I'm having more fun with this patch than 1.3 just for how it mixed things up a bit.
changing stockstrike from a kb to a root them right next to me while im probably rooted to is not a buff. the kb was 100x more usefull than a root.