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Whether it's class, WZ or just a general bug with PvP, please list em here so we can help minimize the amount of threads going about. I'll go back and edit this post shortly to list the ones I've seen.



Juggernaught: Smash firing off (showing damage), but not delivering damage and/or damage appears delayed.


1. Backfill - Obviously broken and not working as intended. Many reports on this issue, self explanitory.

2. Voidstar - Different issues with this WZ, the more pressing matter is the deciding factor on who wins/loses. It seems teams are beating other teams to the same point, but getting credited with a loss and vice versa. The tie-breaker is also not working, as plenty of peeps have pointed out the attacking team is winning these regardless.

3. Reported issue of Ranked Queues not popping on Harbringer. Despite teams working together to get a queue pop, and logging off and back on in case of queue bug, was still not getting the Rated match to start.

4. When an 8 team is queue'd for Rateds and the queue pops, if a player does not accept or decline of the invite, the WZ used to automatically port you in anyways (which was a nice feature in case someone missed it accidently). Last night, my teammate missed the original queue pop, but was NOT transported to the WZ.


Voice overs in WZ's chatting with wrong faction.


Please try and keep your posts clear/concise, and relay as much information as you can at the same time. I will be forwarding this thread to various yellow names here, and hopefully they will pop in with some questions/answers as they see it. Thanks.
played a ACW it was imp v rep and the imp team was on the rep side of the ship, with that i assumed it was imp v imp, but didnt see any of the green and purple beams that indicate its a same faction match