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That is a great response, LeeC. I guess I had assumed that people include the Sith as part of the whole "Empire Package" but you're saying people can reasonably like the Empire but hate the Sith, correct? Also, if the empire is so strong and efficient, I don't see why they let the Sith push them around. Maybe I'm underestimating the power of the Sith here, but it seems like the Empire would benefit in efficiency (and overall) by parting ways with them. Teaming up with them seems like they're ideologically supporting the Sith (yeah, "enemy of my enemy is my friend" but still...)

The reason I was under the impression that there was a lot of backstabbing was
I remember similar sentiments from empire officers while leveling, too. Don't remember specifics though since, again, it's been awhile since I did all the imp side quests.

As for the whole "Peace through Unity" thing, I mean... that is a good point. But to be honest it seems like a very thinly-veiled excuse to gain money and power violently. I'm sure a certain German Dictator several decades ago wanted peace in the end as well, just by his terms. "All's well that ends well" isn't a very good saying for politics!

And I might be able to buy the Empire's "peace through unity" thing if they weren't so speciest. I don't see why they couldn't have peace through IDEALOGICAL unity, attempting to condition more exotic alien cultures to follow their ways, instead of rejecting them altogether. If the Empire truly wants power, it just seems dumb for them to ignore so many able-bodied aliens.

I dunno, the whole thing just doesn't come together with me. I tend to have seen the Rep's inefficiency in a positive light, but it's possible my relatively "small government" political views are making me biased?