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I guess it depends how you define "fan." I like the 3 original movies (apart from the Ewok bit) and read a couple of the novels, and many of the games have been good or even exceptional - Dark Forces, Jedi Knight/2/Academy, TIE fighter, X-Wing Alliance, Republic Commando, KOTOR. Eps 1 & 2 were cinematic atrocities, but the change of mood in ep 3 was refreshing. It finally felt like the prequels were actually telling a story instead of just arbitrarily dropping names & lines from the originals in between cringeworthy attempts at comedy, nauseating "romantic" scenes and gratuitious lightsaber battles.

I don't like the the black & white nature of the movies. Empire bad Republic good, Sith bad Jedi good. Empire big oppressor, Republic moral-highground-underdog.

Erm, why the heck am I playing a Star Wars game?

I love sci-fi. The Star Wars universe is a rich canvas to write a story on. SWTOR's stories actually have grey areas. People in the republic are doing good things, doing stupid things, doing just plain evil things. Ditto Empire. I liked the trooper storyline, it fits the class very well (you're a soldier, it's a war story). I like the smuggler's storyline, again it fits the class well and is quite light-hearted compared to the trooper story. Both stories are well-paced as the war escalates.

And I've just started chapter 2 of the Imperial Agent storyline. The Empire actually has depth to it. Alot of depth. I won't spoil the storyline.

So although I'm not a Star Wars fan, I am a SWTOR fan.