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Speaking strictly from a military standpoint: The Empire has a well oiled military machine (with occasional backfire from sith in fighting) compared to the republic. A prime example are the main military bases on Hoth. If you visit Aurek Base and then Dorn base you will see that Dorn base is better organized with better fortifications and defense. On top of that they are better staffed and lack Sith overlords (for the time being). Aurek base is disorganized, with minimal defenses. Everything is spread out (not unlike the republic itself) which makes it hard to defend.

The Imperial military is all about efficiency and that is something to be admired. The republic, although diverse which helps with different theater of war, has a very convoluted command structure. You have commanders that speak basic and huttese (and possibly other languages) which may not mesh well when sending orders with mixed divisions. The empire soldiers all know and use basic (even their chiss allies). This way there are no confusions on orders and there is a clear passing down of orders from the top to the bottom. The republic staff (including the spec forces) seem to fade in and out with each other and cause a lot of confusion unless a huge campaign/offensive is being planned. They seem to have a hard time adapting to situations as they are used to using specialists (like the Talz for hoth) to deal with these adverse situations. For example the big guy and tiny guy at Aurek base complaining that they dont have the proper winter gear for this.

The actual ideals for the empire (we conquer everyone so they're is peace) is pretty misguided but has decent intentions (though the sith aristocrats probably want war as revenge and expression of power, yadda yadda yadda). The republic on the other hand is about uniting people through peace and allowing all people regardless of species to have equal representation in the galaxy.

I would write more but im hungry....