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(Please keep this civil, I want a serious discussion.)
My question is not about which faction some people prefer to PLAY, it's which faction people actually "SUPPORT."

I have seen many comments from people on this forum, saying things like "I agree with the Empire, I feel like I belong in the Empire, I play Empire because it's a 'better' faction, I support it, etc..."

Every time I see comments like that, I can't understand how anyone can really feel that way. Do these people actually want their real life governments to be more like the Empire, or are 100% of them really just roleplaying when they say they like the Empire better? If they truly prefer violent efficiency and racial purity, there are a few infamous countries/time periods I wish I could take them to visit...

OK, then let's instead pretend players prefer the Empire as as faction, because it's a lesser of 2 evils:

So what makes the republic so bad to some people? Who CARES if it's kinda dissonant and slow to act... isn't that better than opressing its people and being run by psychopathic maniacs? (Many citizens in my country actually LIKE having a government that can't agree on anything, because it keeps it from becomming too powerful as a whole.) And sure there's corruption in the Republic, but I saw a lot more backstabbing when leveling my Empire characters.

I'm just thinking I might be missing something in the lore here, so please fill me in if you can. There's gotta be more reasons for some people to hate the Republic more than the Empire.