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10.02.2012 , 06:18 PM | #117
<Element Zero> defeated the first boss on Sunday at approx 10pm BST, i didnt get a screenshot but ill see if others got one.
We also killed the second.boss Dread guards tonight (2nd Oct) at about 10.58pm BST but again. I ain't got screenshot ow, but I have a screeny on my other PC. Will update post with them tomorrow.

My only worry with this thread is that so many guilds rnt using it. I can think of like 2-3 who're on the Server Progress thread who ain't posting here, and I'm sure the other servers are likely the same. But hey, better than nothing, until BW implement some proper tracking system its the best we can do.

Update: Screenshot for 2nd boss:
Kazar - Powertech, [Tomb of Freedom Nadd EU]