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I have to agree with this post. A couple weeks ago I got an orange belt schematic from UWT that I already knew. I listed it on the GTN at 75k and it sold within an hour. According to the OP, I should have listed it for a couple credits to help out my other crafters?
That's not what the OP was saying. The OP was saying that if, for instance, you listed your schematic at 75k, that he would prefer it to be bought by another crafter than for a reseller to buy it and put it up at, say, 150k or 200k.

Of course, the argument can be made that anything that sells has a price that is reasonable to someone. I would amend that to "acceptable" price, though, as I might find the price totally unreasonable but still be willing to pay it if I've been looking for that schematic for months. If I want to keep looking, I can keep looking. If I want it now, then I accept paying the price. Personally, I tend to just buy the expensive schematic. My time is worth more than that. But I'm an established crafter, so I can afford to do that. What about someone just starting off? Reselling schematics is far more unfair to them than to anyone else.

The thing is, for anyone to truly control a market, they need to have a big pool of credits already. Otherwise they can't afford to buy everything to resell it at the higher price. So what is the point of gouging prices in this way, if you are already rich? You already have piles of money and you don't seem to need to do anything else with it; what's the point of an even bigger pile? I know what I enjoy in crafting: making a wide range of items available to my server at a fair price. What do resellers get out of it?