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10.02.2012 , 05:22 PM | #6
I have 2 machines, one Intel CPU Core Duo Desktop with Radeon 6850HD and 4GB RAM with Win7-32, one AMD Llano APU laptop with internal Radeon 6520G and 6 GB RAM with Win7-64.

They both running ATI Catalyst 12.8, so driver is not the issue.

My laptop due to the larger memory, very rare a crash.
My desktop on the other hand, before 1.4 it crashed between 4-6 hours. During a period of 1.3 patches (don't remember exact revision) it survived for longer periods (8 hours +). But after 1.4, it crashes nearly on every planet loading. Crashes shows when switching from normal mode to cut-scenes (even staying on same planet).