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10.02.2012 , 04:42 PM | #6
I begging to wonder if in game CS knows the difference between random desktop crashing and load screens. I posted the same info i posted here about my crashing in a email ticket. I crash while in game not on a load screen but in game standing on fleet or doing pvp or raiding. My ticket never mentioned any thing to do with load screens or a load screen issue. This is the email i just got. My problem has nothing to do with load screens if i begging to sound a really frustrated at this point i am.


I am Protocol Droid M0-T0, Human-Cyborg Relations.

We are contacting you about the stuck loading screen issue that you have been experiencing.

A patch was very recently been deployed which should help resolve this issue. Please try to access your character again to check whether the issue is still present. If you are currently in-game, please log out of the game completely and then log back in, this should cause the patch to take effect.

If after this, you continue to experience a stuck loading screen, please contact us again with the information to enable us to investigate the matter further.

Galactic support is our specialty...


Protocol Droid M0-T0