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Thats a lot of space missions.

Im not sure if I am excited just yet. Its not a bad mini game. Just wish it was pvp.

And it really depends on the rewards.

I like the effort put into the world boss.

However, you can see a lot of work went into speeders, pets, and space missions. I am not a fan of that considering I am still waiting for pazaak and swoop racing.
I would have liked to see the ability to group on space missions. Right now your wingmen are all AI. Would have been nice to be able to fly with someone, especially if you are ungeared or lower level and could team up with guildies to play the minigame.

At the end of the day though, it still beats manning that Ebon Hawk turret! (Although I *would* like it if while you were hyperspacing from one planet to another the different space missons would randomly pop up like the ambushes did in KOTOR).