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1.Before or after i have no issues with resolve.
2.I was a little let down with no merc/sorc dmg increase but likewise they both got very nice survival toys thus increasing DPS UPtime.
3.Full tank spec... name me a game that this has ever worked. LOL.
4. this isn't league of legends or starcraft. Its an MMO play with others.
5. Ill give u the bugged backfill, yes that is a patch bug.
6.BW already said it might not be possible and if so it will be a LONG time before this happens. If u expeced that in this patch well, u should keep in touch with the dev interviews more.
7. Has nothing to do with this patch or the patch notes. in Prophecy of Five we have massive world PVP every saturday and people constantly in the world starting trouble. -Sorry if your experience isn't as good.

I guess the majority of people think this is wow, where crying gets you something. This isn't WoW where ur cattle and are fed grain. Welcome back to the human race. All blizzard did was generate 7 years worth of cows. People just need to adapt.
Adapting is not the issue. We pay, so we should drive changes on the game, but we don't.... That's a problem..... and also why they are losing subs...

The majority of players are having such bad experiences that it contributes to the "crying". My personal issues are with resolve and backfill, but the others are valid gripes. Stop trying to justify them or tell people to temper their expaectations because it all boils down to excuses, dismissivness, and arrogance brought to you by EA/BW (yes, they should be feeding me the best salky kibble in the galaxy ). No game in 2012 should experience these kinds of issues. PERIOD... Players feel ignored in a MMO where THEY should be making serious contributions on how patches impact the game.

Name me one Sage/Sorc that complained that force wave needed to be changed to 180? Name a mara/sent that thought the Rage tree needed better resource management? Name me a person that cares about facial emotes besides maybe pine cone throwing RPers? As it related to the feedback, it must have bantha fodder for them to laugh at, as most change requests went ignored...

A small sample of garbage changes that were either a waste of time, or un-warrented/needed because there were/are much more pressing issues....

This latest patch rivals 1.2 in sheer stupidity. People "cried" about proposed 1.2(it was launched pretty much as is and lost a crap load of subs), people "cried" about proposed 1.3(it was launched pretty much as is lost a crap load of subs), people cried about proposed 1.4 (it was launched pretty much as is lost a crap load of subs).

I'm detecting a pattern here... patches=vortex of horsecrap. How many people have to say something is broke before they fix it or you "believe" it? If you really think there is "nothing" wrong with this game.... What the hell have you been playing prior to this? Also explain why people are still leaving....

Its not just about the list either. The IP is the only reason I am tolerating these issues. Types like me are the only reason why it has not died yet, so sitting in cover and acting like there is nothing wrong with this game is stupid. Just stop, or you will be playing alone soon.
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