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I played MW2 a lot but never really got into the third one. I bought it and stuck it in my Xbox but when I saw everything at level one I was like "nope, not spending another six months unlocking everything" and traded it in for Skyrim iirc.

I dislike the trend in FPS games where advantages can be unlocked in perks and unlocks - but I will say that in MW2 at least those differences were nowhere near as pronounced as the recruit vs WH imbalance in TOR, for example.

TOR doesn't have killstreak rewards, though, and those always annoyed me. So I get however many kills in a row and can summon an apache helicopter that hovers around and literally kill people for me with no effort or input from me? The one where you're flying above the map in a plane with a freaking Gatling gun and a freaking cannon isn't even as bad - at least those have to be aimed. Barebones mode, where all that nonsense was removed, was my favorite because I felt like it was the most skill-based. FPS games are at their best, in my opinion, when everyone starts the match with the same gun (the crappy assualt rifle in halo, etc.) and only their skill and knowledge of the map separate them from their competitors.

I would have agreed with the OP more enthusiastically a couple weeks ago, but then BW decided to reunite me with the powertech I made on a dead server in February. I respec'd him to a pyrotech and I'm liking pvp with that so far. Before I was pvp'ing with my tank and healer but both were too slow and dull for me. At least with the pyrotech I can be as aggressive as I am when I play FPS games. I even put up with the recruit crap long enough to get him a full set of augmented battlemaster and im at the point now where i feel like i can hold my own against most players gear-wise. Theres some classes that i feel like have an advantage in certain areas over me, and theres certain classes i feel like i can usually do pretty well against. Im coming up with ways to counter the former, though.

In general this is a lot simpler than an FPS game and the action is pretty slow in comparison, but I'll probably keep playing for a while at least. More maps would be nice though, MW2 shipped with like 16 maps and 12+ game modes iirc.