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Regardless, the simple fact is by doing SM EV/KP you can get the gear needed to so HM EV/KP and SM EC / TfB which will get you the gear to get into HM EC which will get you into HM TFB. Pretty much a progression
Yes, but if you've ran SM EC all this time and now look at SM TFB and go "where's my progression", there isn't any. They're not going to retroactively remove all the Rakata gear from SM EC and/or Columi from EV/KP, but they stopped the "gear trend" for SM TFB. There's no reason you need BH gear to do SM TFB. If you're full BH gear, then go do HM EC/TFB. That's the only way you'll get to progress. There's 0 reason you should get EC HM gear from SM TFB.