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I really don't understand how you can think that the "reasonable" price is some price you make up in your head, while the price that people are willing to pay is somehow overinflated. All the explanation you need is right in your initial post: You spent 7-8 weeks doing back-to-back UWT missions and STILL didn't get these schematics. For me, my time is worth more than that - I would never spend my time that way. I would happily pay a high price to avoid having to grind those missions. For you, obviously, you would rather give up the time and keep the money.

So it's simple: if you value the money more than the time, do the UWT missions. If you value the time more than the money, pay the reseller. You charging less for it doesn't change the inherent rarity - and hence value - of the item.

Man the worst failure of our education system, by a longshot, is the failure to teach even basic principles of economics.
Agree on all points. Who defines a "reasonable" price? The buyer. Not you, not me.
If I list an Exotech stim for 27K, and it sells, then that price was reasonable to someone.
If I list a grade 12 mod for 12k, and it sells, then it was reasonable to someone.
Could I sell both of those items for less, and still profit? Sure, but why? To be nice? This is business, not charity. You want a deal, join a guild, or get the items yourself.

Would I buy either of those items at that price? No, but that's because I can craft one, and get the other for next to nothing from a guild mate.
Just because YOU wouldn't pay that price doesn't mean someone else won't. Getting into a turf war on the GTN won't change that. You'll get tired of it, and/or I'll move on to another segment of the market. In the end, I'm still a multi-millionaire.
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