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10.02.2012 , 12:35 PM | #66
Why are people talking about SLi in thread that is labeled CrossFire?

I can say that it is kind of depressing that they still have not fixed the CrossFire issues that came from the 1.4 patch. Since it was not present before 1.4 they could or should roll back just that part of the 1.4 update until they actually find a fix for it. Why leave it there having it affect us when they could just remove it until it is correct?

Also please do something fast and not wait for another entire week before doing something. Some of us are having a very hard time enjoying the game with these issues. I know I do not want to go through another week of waiting. Two weeks of it is a bit frustrating. At least for me it is.

In my opinion, this CrossFire issue should be a top priority over most other issues. You all should try to get a hotfix to us some time this week. Right now would be nice.
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