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I can agree that WoW's current raiding model mimics SWTOR's in terms of difficulty (full clear in one week), is that consistent? Is the same percentage of players clearing WoW's raids in the first week or is it really the top 10%. I tend to believe that there's a much larger pool of really good raiders in WoW, not just by sheer numbers of subscribers, but also because it's considered the best raiding game. So the best raiding game will, by percentage (IMO), attract the best raiders. Not meaning to offend the top raiding guilds here. They are probably from WoW and/or just as good, but I'm talking about the percentage of over all raiders.

Still, and I may be wrong on this, isn't the HM version of WoW raids (which would be the equiv of NiM versions here) ready the following week? Well, they are already released at the patch, but then they're ready once you've beaten the normal version. Meaning it was, at most, one week for the top guilds before they can step into the "real" hardcore content. That isn't the same for SWTOR.

And I do understand that, in this game, the 16-man content is harder than the 8-man, in most, if not all, of the cases. Still, look at Naxx 40man and compare that to any raid in SWTOR... not even close to the complexity or fun of those fights. Heigan is still one of my most favorite bosses simply for the fact you have to strafe. Sure, those days are dead, but then I look back at Rift and I still don't see people completing those raids in the first week. It took progression of collecting gear from the earlier bosses to be able to beat the later bosses.

There's no such thing here.