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Not once? Granted, you didn't say "THESE R FACTS", but here are a few examples of where I feel you've stated your opinion as fact:

Back on topic...

I will not take ANY blame for the state the game is in. I will not take ANY responsibility for running players off. I would like nothing more than for SWTOR to be a MASSIVE success (to EA, not you) and avoid F2P. I continue to do more than my part to try to keep players and I resent being told I share ANY responsibility for a games inability to retain them.
Why is going F2P always looks at like "Oh, this game failed hard". It will most likely bring a much larger audience to the game, and bring in more revenue as a F2P game than it would as a sub-based game. Still, this is purely speculation, but it can be seen in the model of DCUO, and many of other F2P games that sport this model. DDO is another good example of a F2P game that is still going strong, not to mention all of the Korean MMO's out there (Eden Eternal, Aika Online, etc.)

Contrary to popular belief, an MMO going F2P doesn't necessarily mean it "failed". EA is probably just realizing that the age of sub-based MMO's is dead.

Once again, this is all my opinion. I guess I need to specifically state whether or not something is an opinion or not, since you can't tell the difference.