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10.02.2012 , 11:30 AM | #116
as far as people complaining about time elapsed or w/e... (wich is wrong, this thread is awesome, thx to the creator, awesome job).

just in case anyone is willing to do the same work on another thread and not complaining about someone elses work, heres Hatred Elapsed Time:

<HATRED> no PTS guild raiding at all // rule not to watch methodical/CKN vids, we wanted to beat them in a fair way.

First day: start Time: 9ED End time: 11.30 EDT... Boss killed: 1st) 9.35 2nd) 11:14 edt

Second Day: start time: 10 Edt End time 1:35 EDT.... boss killed: 3st) 12: edt 4nd: 1.22 EDT

Last day: Start time 10 EDT end time: 1: 55 EDT... Boss killed 5th) 1.53 EDT

so took us: 3.5 + 3.5 + 4 to finish = 11 hours in total.
Each boss: 1st) around 12 mins to kill.... 2nd) around 1 hours to kill... 3rd) around 1 hour30mins to kill .... 4th: 45mins to kill.... last: around 3.5-4 hours to kill

so if people is complaining about way this thread ranking goes, then stop complainig about this guy great job and make your own official thread, there are Hatreds Numbers, start working