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Here are a few pointers:
- RE allows you to recoup some of your crafting material and also to learn schematics of the same item with a better quality (blue). RE blue quality will allow you to learn purple quality schematics. However, while levelling your first character, DO NOT try to obtain the purple plans. It's for people who have a lot of ressources, usually with 2 or 3 alt characters supplying the materials in bulk.

- in the same vein, DO NOT buy stuff from the GTN (unless dirt cheap) or run missions until you obtain a blue / purple material you need. This is for people with either deep pockets or who know the game inside out. While levelling, run the missions as you level to increase the skill and keep it up to date, but do not go out of your way.

- your main route for increasing your crew skill is to regularly go back to your crew skill trainer to learn new schematics with him /her, DO NOT rely on the RE schematics to increase your skill.