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Maybe because people think that the newest content should provide the highest tier gear? It's just kinda odd seeing the newest content up at #2 on the progression list.
Story modes are not progression. They plateu'd for a reason. They are to see the storyline develop w/out making them too hard. Heck, I did group finder SM KP last night on my fresh lvl 50 tank that was using some Recruit gear, a couple of Rakata Implants, and whatever else I had scrounged together from finishing the Corelia quests and Corelia comms. I tanked it just fine with my "awesome 19k health". We did it without really stopping to explain strats, no VOIP, no CC'ing.

SM EC and SM TFB may be tougher, but they are same step up as going from HM FP's to HM LI. And they drop the exact same gear (surprise surprise). If you want gear progression past Rakata, do HM Ops or farm daily HM's every day again and again. Either put a lot of time and consistently hit the feeder bar every day to get your BH comms or learn to do HM EC and clear it in 2 hours in one night. So it's either 7+ hours a week, spread out on 7 days, or 2 hours one night a week.

But doing SM EC for 1.5-2 hrs is just too simple to acquire gear.