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Umm FPs take the same "knowledge of encounter mechanics " as most ops. and lets be honest there is nothing here that you can't get from Darth hater or Youtube.

"some people who do not want to do operations beyond a certain degree of difficulty, still think they are entitled to similar level gear"

Umm some people can't as they can't get into a group to do them. I think I pointed this out People are leaving and guilds are dropping like fly's! Allot of people also have a problem kissing a 12 YO cellar dwelling megalomaniacs arse just to get in on a Denova HM.
ok, I am following from your proclamation that some people can't get into groups to do operations. But then we turn back into 0....then what is the getting 61 gear? Aside from facerolling the content you already do (Tier 1 -2 Flashpoints - Dailies - Questing) ?
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