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and one worthless:
Only worthless if you look at with a strictly overgeared Me mentality. Personally I got no gear out of it either, but we took some guildmates alts that were fairly fresh 50 and started gearing them up. Now it will be faster than ever to gear them with HM KP, HM EV, SM EC and SM TfB, ready for HM EC... They will not have to do HM KP for two months trying to get a mainhand drop like I did on my Shadow...Never did get it there, got it on NiM mode.

More Ops means more opportunity to get guild mates, friends and alts geared. I don't have to say, sorry locked out, I can say sorry can't do that one, but what about this one.

Also with the mats and credits I took out of TfB, I wouldn't mind doing SM TfB once a week.