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10.02.2012 , 10:22 AM | #1
Hey guys,

I am not good at crafting. I have several toons, with different crafting setups (most of which follow the guide for matching MIssion-Gathering-Crafting). But I've never been able to get to past about 80/400.

I've figured out the Mission and Gathering skills just fine, but crafting is just weird to me. I gather material, I go on missions to get other material, I build, I RE, I occasionally get another schematic. But before I know it:

1- REing my best craftable items won't give me new schematics
2- My best craftable item is well below the stats of the items I pick up from mobs/bosses/etc. or are given at the end of missions.
3- I'm broke, because it costs so much to either keep doing Mission skills until I get specific items (e.g. Wind Crystals instead of just Fire crystals) or buy them from the GTN.
4- I'm no longer gathering material I can use; everything I gather is for craftable items that I don't know the schematic for.
5- Almost all of my craftable items that I can afford (because I built up a massive stockpile of low-end material on starter and capital worlds) are grey and so don't increase by stats.

I would appreciate it if someone can refer me to a crafting guide or otherwise tell me what I'm missing. Because I'm grossly messing up Artifice, Biochem, Armstech, and Armormech.