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I would totally disaggree on the tank thing. I think its pretty much common sense that primary stats for a tank are 1) damage reduction and 2) HP. There is no better way to mitigate dmg than by those 2 stats. Forget shield and defense chance since they will not mitigate consistently. A tank stacking endurance, thus increasing his HP is doing the exact right thing. Hence your reasoning is pretty much off-base.
Im sorry but that is wrong. Tanks need to have defense/ shield over endurance. High health means nothing really it's just an extra 5 seconds of survival but High defense/ shield means you take less dmg making a healer's life easier. I've ran ops where the other tank would yell "I have 29k health I'm main tank" then die after 20 seconds where I'd pick up aggro and survive till the end because I was taking less damage and making it easier for the healers