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Apologies for the derail, but... Where the hell have you been man? Haven't seen you in any WZs for a while
I can't stand playing my merc as a dps in warzones. It's plain torture. I prefer to play merc heals, but only in 4man premade because we all know when you're the healer, there are no dps besides recruit geared players on your team. I have mainly been playing my marauder skillxx and I have changed our Ranked Warzone Teams Que Times/Days to Monday + Tuesday 8:00pm EST (excluding todays tuesday). Attendance problems for ranked and getting a group together at the same time is just plain crap in this game. If I lose a player, I can't hope to get a good replacement, only worse. Currently, I lose 2 good marauders this week due to computer problems, with no ETA on fixes at all. Other people showing up 1hr after que times are scheduled or not at all. It's just not the same quality & quantity of players in this game as others.