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Skill ? Your joking right? FPS, RTS, and CSF games are Skill based. RPMMO's Take very little skill, Gear based ones take even less. That being said ..... THIS IS A GEAR BASED GAME! it has next to no honest skill requirements. Even in PVP, which does requires a little bit of knowledge and skill, is still more dependent on gear.

The only reason this game has any bit of a learning curve is because it does not include a players manual and at best has a piss poor online players guide.

I don't feel very sympathetic to raiders, The hardest part to raiding is putting up with BS drama and kissing butt to stay on your raiding Team. If you haven't been paying attention as of late the player base making like a biblical exodus and leaving in droves and guilds are dropping like flies. if your not already on a raiding team your pretty much limited to Columi and BH Gear. It takes a weak or two to build up enough BH comms to get a single piece of gear Raiding is and always has been the easiest way to get gear.

All Bioware has done is made it so I no longer have any reason to do EOT. Infact I can pretty much put the Black Hole at the bottom of my daily to do list. As it stands Ilum dailies have the best pay out. fallowed by Belsavis which unlike the black hole only requires one lengthy load screen rather then two and I can solo all the heroics.

Lost Island ... no point in even attempting this POS Flashpoint. Denova SM I wont touch it past the tanks as there's no reason for it. Kaon ... unless it applies to my weakly (it probably doesn't as it didn't pre 1.4) I may as well exit it every time I get dropped in it from GF.

Simply put all that being accomplished here is bio ware is taking away people's reasons to play. I may as well go back to an actual game that really is Skill based like a FPS or a MMOCFS like Aces High or Warbirds. These are games where some poorly equipped player can still hand you your arse simply because he is better (more skilled) then you.
Instead of the word "skill" you can use knowledge of encounter mechanics ---- what is the main point in my point of view is that some people who do not want to do operations beyond a certain degree of difficulty, still think they are entitled to similar level gear. There is something wrong with that assessment.
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