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If this is indeed intended it's probably the worst move ever. I was in BH today and everyone there stated that there was no reason for going there anymore. Unless you're really hardcore about doing dailies. and all of the dailies every day, there's no need for ever going to BH. Might aswell do Belsavis/Ilum and get some mats out of instead, especially if you have archaeology or bioanalysis.

And who's going to do LI when you might aswell do some much easier FP? Not to say that it's hard now that it has been significally nerfed but there's still more room for errors than in some of the tier 1 flashpoints.
I agree with that the usefulness of Lost Island HM as well as the BH dailies get dumbed down with this move. Now the only point of doing dailies is to either get money or farm daily commendations, and the only reason one may ever want to do HM LI is to get the Rakata Chestpiece at the end.
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